Malaga: Destination for nature lovers

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Malaga: Destination for nature lovers

Malaga may be Spain’s most cosmopolitan destination, but unique ecosystems and beautiful parks, also surround the bustling city which are perfect for when you need a break from the urban jungle. First you would have to book a resort away from all the hustle and bustle to truly learn to relax and let go.

At The Palms Retreats Spain we know exactly how to do this! We offer many different retreats including yoga retreats so you can really work on yourself while you are over.
But a yoga retreat is not the only thing we offer. Many people book a retreat with us to work on themselves but still want to feel they are away and breath in the Spanish culture and nature.
The Spanish nature is stunning, there is no other word for it, and we have seen many beautiful places in the Andalucia mountainside where you can really enjoy the true nature of this magnificent part of Spain.

Here are the top 4 things for nature lovers to do on their nature holiday, Malaga adventure.

1. Caminata Por El Rio Chillar

The Caminata por el Rio Chillar is a river walk that follows the River Chillar gorge. Starting at Nerja, walkers will follow the gorge until they reach the rivers mouth and the waterfall.

You’ll be dry at the start, but you’ll soon be wading through the fresh, clear water.  In some areas, the water levels will reach up to your thighs, and you’ll love the parts of the walk where the gorge narrows so much you can reach out and touch the sides with both hands.

If you’re visiting on a hot summers day, then this walk is the perfect trip for escaping the heat. You will need solid shoes for walking on stones and rocks and make sure to carry lots of fresh water for the 5-hour tour.

2. El Torcal Natural Park

Lovers of the outdoors should not miss a trip to the El Torcal Natural Park when on their nature holiday, Malaga experience. The park is an hour away from Malaga and accessed through the Villanueva de la Concepcion village. El Torcal is well known for its limestone rock formations, which used to be part of an ancient ocean floor and have been sculpted by nature into weird and
interesting shapes over thousands of years.

The park features a walk suitable for all levels of nature lovers. A short, 1.5 km trek is perfect for those that don’t feel up for a long hike. Golden eagles make the area their home so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Hikers who prefer more of a challenge will love the red walk, which is 4.5kms long and provides magnificent views, which sometimes reach as far as the African coastline.

3. The Nerja Caves

A 50-minute drive along the coast will transport you to the underground wonderland that is The Nerja Caves. The caves cover a span of 5Km and have been divided into separate galleries which can be enjoyed as part of a tour, or on a self-guided audio tour.

The Nerja Caves harbor the worlds biggest stalagmite, which reaches to an incredible 32 meters in height. Parts of the caves have archaeological significance and are only accessible by specialists to preserve the prehistoric art thought to have been the work of Neanderthals. 

4. El caminito del Rey

Not for the fainthearted, and definitely not for those that suffer from vertigo, this attraction will take your breath away if you dare!
El Caminito del Rey” translates into “The Kings Little Path” – but is anything but little! It is a walkway that is pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in “El Chorro” (the vast lakes you see when you land in Malaga).
In previous years the path was treacherous and didn’t have much security to keep you from plunging the 330 feet down in to the river.
Luckily the Spanish government saw the increasing potential of this popular attraction and renovated and re-opened the path back in 2015. Now the path is a secure and safe attraction for visitors of any age! The views from the path are magnificent and even though the path is no longer the original walkway the King used to use, the actual path is still visible just below the new path, so
you can see why it used to be called “The Most Dangerous Walkway on Earth”!
Visiting Caminito del Rey will be a day attraction for sure. The walk itself is approx. 4 hours and after your walk you could visit the lakes to cool down.

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