The Perfect Marbella Wedding Venue

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The Palms Spain | The Perfect Marbella Wedding venue…

… well we say Marbella, but we’re located in the rural area of Alhaurin el Grande – just 20 minutes from Málaga Airport – so not exactly Marbella, but better (me thinks)!

Since The Palms Boutique Resort is located in a rural area, it offers so much more than any of the touristic locations down at the coast.

For one, you can rent the entire venue just for your wedding and hold your wedding on its lovely well maintained grounds, you can personalise the wedding to your hearts desire, and you don’t have to worry about disturbing other guests in the resort.  Furthermore, the resort offers 12 immaculate rooms that sleep up to 24 people, a breakfast area, a heated saltwater pool and a jacuzzi that seats 6.

There is a purpose built platform that is ideal for an on-site ceremony and the gardens are the perfect option for your wedding breakfast. There is even a private bar in the resort with comfortable lounge area where your guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful mountain views.

How many people can I invite to my wedding at The Palms?

We cater for weddings of up to around 60 people. Of these, 24 can stay at the resort and the rest can be housed in nearby B&B’s and hotels – in fact there’s a large villa just over the road from us where we can sleep at least another 12 guests and just up the road from us is the Alhaurin golf hotel where they also have plenty of rooms available throughout the year.

We can arrange a bus service or taxis from The Palms to the other locations so your guests can enjoy the day without having to worry who drives and how to get back.

How does catering work? Can I bring my own?

You are free to bring your own chef to repare your meal. We offer the professional industrial kitchen included in the price of the resort but you will have to make sure your caterer brings all the tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery and glassware to serve your guests with.

You can also arrange a BBQ or Hog Roast for the big day, or even the days after your wedding.

The Palms will look after all the drinks, so you can arrange a drinks package with us that suits your needs. we offer all-inclusive, bar prices per hour, or even per drink or bottle. Please enquire for the available options.

If you are not sure which caterer is good for you then simply ask our team to send you our preferred options.

How does the ceremony work?

As with any wedding in Spain, if you are not a Spanish resident, you can’t legally get married here and you will have to fist officially get married in Gibraltar or back home. We will organise a ceremony with a professional minister for you, your guests will never have to be any the wiser than that this is your actual wedding day. It will all look official and you even get to sign a certificate.

Your ceremony will be exactly what you want it to be, religious, or not, funny or serious, we can even get Elvis to do the honours if you so desire!

LGTBQ weddings are very popular in The Palms and we welcome couples from any nationality, race or sexual orientation as long as you now how to throw a good event and invite happy guests, we’re all in! – We won’t do the whole, “woman marries tree” thing though-… even we have to draw a line somewhere!

How long can we rent the venue for?

You can only hold your wedding at The Palms if you hire out the entire resort for a minimum of 1 week. Regardless if you stay for just a few days, or don’t need all the rooms, we need you to block off the entire resort for the entire week of your wedding.

The nearby venues can be rented per night so not all your guests have to stay the full week, just the ones you invite to stay at the Resort.

What about decorations?

You will have to bring your own decorations or hire an event planner to do them for you. We have no wedding decorations in the Palms as each wedding is personal and looks different, so you get a blank canvas to play with!

When you put decorations up in our resort, we must ask you to ensure you take them down too and we do ask for a damages deposit which you will get fully refunded upon departure if you have taken all your decorations down without damaging the building.

And music?

Of course, one needs to dance! You can play music at the Resort until 24:00 – at this point the volume needs to be lowered. You could have a small band playing for your wedding, or a DJ, this is up to you. The bar can stay open after midnight with background music. You can share a Spotify music list with us or bring your own music which we will put on for you.

What about the rest of the week, what do we do?

Of course it is not just your wedding day you have to organise, if you stay with us for a week, you want to offer your guests some fun things to do?

Well don’t worry, fun is our middle name!

We can offer excursions to nearby areas, such as the waterfalls in Barrako Blanco, a trip to the lakes of El Chorro, the beach is a 20 minute drive from us so you can spend a day on the beach too. Furthermore, you could go play golf for a day at the nearby Lauro Golf Course, ride an off-road buggy through the nearby forests and mountains, go shopping in Malaga – we can organise a hike through the mountains or of you like to explore the surrounding villages we can organise that for you too. As you can see, plenty to do, but equally, if you would rater stay at the resort and lounge around the pool for 6 days, be our guest!

You will need to organise dinners and lunches for your guests which you can plan with your caterer or we can reserve tables in local restaurants for you, it is up to you!

Wow I like all this! How do I book?

We thought you might be interested!

You can book the resort for your wedding by sending us an email to [email protected] we will, by return, send you a brochure with all the information and prices for each season. You can come to visit us at any time if you wish to pre-view the resort and of course ask us any questions at all, we’re here to help you create the perfect wedding week!

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