Yolf Retreats – Golf & Yoga combined

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Yolf Retreats – Golf & Yoga combined

Yo – what now?

That’s right – Yolf is officially a thing and just for the record… you heard it here first!

Yolf – the definition of the word (and we know it because we invented it!) is the ultimate fantasy for those that love golf, and enjoy Yoga, so they can now practice both in 1 go at our fabulous resort in Spain.

The Palms Resort is located just 2 minutes drive from the Lauro Golf range in La Alquieria, Spain – Just 20 minutes from Málaga Airport. That makes our location the ideal Golf Get-away and many avid golfers did book their golfing weekend with us for this year. Furthermore the resort is very well known for its amazing yoga retreats too, attracting many people from all different walks of life but with 1 thing in common… they love yoga.

Now I hear you say… why combine the 2 if you have both golfers and yogis already coming to your retreat!

Good question… and to answer it, I need to tell you a little story, it is the tale of Sharon & Adam, who inspired this incredible new trend.

Sharon (32) is a yoga fanatic, she lives and breathes yoga, she wakes up with it and goes to bed with it and swears it made her the powerful young woman she is today.

Adam (35) is an avid golfer. With a handicap of 15 he thinks of himself as a Tiger woods in the making and he practices at his local golf range every Saturday to improve on his handicap and realise his dream.

Sharon does not like golf much, she would rather work on her latest yoga pose and improve her confidence to become an even better person than she already is. Adam however, though he likes the odd yoga session, does not really get why someone would choose yoga over golf.

Every year, when it is time to book their holidays, the same argument begins. Sharon would love to go on a yoga trip, but Adam is more interested in a golf adventure. “It’ll be fun” he says, “You can finally get really into the golf game and maybe you even start liking it as much as I do!”. Sharon won’t have it though, she has already checked out the latest fad in Yoga Retreats and has her eye on one in particular that offers 7 days of intensive yoga training… if only Adam could see the positive impact Yoga could have on his life!

Needless to say, neither win the argument and another soulless trip to some all inclusive Mallorca hotel is considered.

Then… something magical happens when Sharon finds a beautiful boutique resort in the South of Spain that offers both Golf and Yoga Retreats. Quickly she picks up the phone and calls the owner, she tells her of her woos and explains they have to find a solution because she can not handle another year of stale buffet breakfast at some touristic hotel. And THAT my dear reader, is when the Yolf retreat was born.

The Palms created the perfect package for those that can’t decide between arguably the 2 BEST pasttimes in the world. Golf & Yoga.

Sharon & Adam now have the perfect place to book their perfect holiday, and they can now even bring their friends so each can enjoy what they like best.

We are happy to say that Sharon has finally taken more of a liking towards golf, and Adam is getting better at the downward dog every day. So all ends well in this tale, and The Palms? Well, we have made Yolf a thing and are now offering Yolf weekends regularly!

If you want to book your Yolf weekend with us, simply get in touch and book your rooms. We promise, you will never look at a yoga retreat the same again!

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